I offer online personal colour consultations, 1 to 1, face to face consultations in colour and style at my studio in East Devon and workshops, in various venues, throughout the South and West of England

Are you wondering how to dress to make that all important first impression at the interview for the job you are passionate about?

How do I dress to get that all important promotion?

I can help you choose those all-important investment pieces of clothing because a few well-chosen items are the building bricks of a versatile working wardrobe.  I can then show you how to add other pieces and accessories for your day to day look.

My aim is to empower you to become the greatest version of yourself; to enhance and embrace your physical appearance, reflect your own personal style and look radiant in the colours that suit you.  In return, this will have a positive effect on your confidence and well-being.

“If you want to change your hair you go to the hairdresser if you have something wrong with your skin you see a dermatologist.  So why not get professional advice about your clothes too?”
Indes de la Fressange

I offer Personalised colour analysis, online, face to face, or small group workshops. All my courses have a strong focus on your colour personality, which aim to help you:

  • Grow in confidence because you will know how to dress to express who you really are, or how you would prefer to be perceived
  • Be noticed for all the right reasons, which could mean:
    • Being appreciated and show more respect
    • Attract the people you want around you
    • Secure the promotion or a better job
  • Match what you wear to your personality