Online Personality & Physical Colour Experience

Would you like to know how to dress to express who you really are? Or how you would prefer to be perceived? Are you currently ignored or passed over at work or not shown the respect you deserve?

My brand new, unique, online colour personality experience will help you discover who you really are and how to express this by the way you dress and present yourself.

Online colour personality & physical colour experience is bought to you in two ¾ hour, personal, video call sessions.

Session one

  • You will discovery your colour personality characteristics which will help you understand more about yourself and:
    • Why you prefer particular fabrics, patterns and textures
    • What your strengths and challenges are
    • Are you in the right career
    • Are you forming the right relationships personally or in business?

Session two

  • You will discovery your dominant, physical, colour direction – wearing your best colours will:
    • Make your eyes shine
    • Your skin will appear fresh and even
    • You will sparkle

Cost – £80

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How to make that important first impression at interview

You will work with small groups of six ladies where you can start your colour and style journey.

I will help you choose your best lightest and darkest neutrals plus one accent colour.  These will form the basis of your wardrobe from which you will be able to put together that all important interview outfit.

I will also include an introduction to colour psychology, this will help you understand why the colours you wear have a certain effect on how others treat you and how you feel about yourself.

I’m happy to run workshops in other locations but venue hire and travel costs will be added.

Cost – 3-hour workshop £80pp in my studio

1 to 1 consultation

Dress with confidence for your interview

At a 1 to 1 consultation you will find which season you are and identify your unique top colours.

You will find the best combinations to flatter your colouring with the help of a little colour psychology you will discover the best blends to wear for different occasions.

We will identify your style personality, this will help you chose the style of clothes and accessories that best reflect your personality.

You will learn how to shop efficiently and avoid those costly mistakes.

When you know you look your best this will give you total confidence at interviews.


How to dress every day for your job

Dressing every day for your job is different from how you would dress for an interview.  In most places of work, you wouldn’t be expected to wear a suit every day and this is where the dilemma lies.  In the 1980’s I worked for an accountant where the expectation was that you would wear a suit, separates and a jacket or tailored dress.  Times have moved on and in most professional work environments “office casual” is the norm.


You will leave this consultation knowing your best lightest and darkest neutral colours together with a pallet of your best accent colours - these will form the building block of a flexible working wardrobe.

You will see how a few well-chosen items of clothing can be interchanged to give you many different outfits.

You will discover your style personality; this will help you build a look that reflects who you are and choose the best accessories for your look.

How to wear difficult to wear colours, because at some time in our lives we all need to wear something that is not in our best colour.

1 to 1 colour consultations include:

  • Consultation in my studio
  • 1/2hr follow up Skype call
  • 3 months email support
  • 1 to 1 consultations usually takes place in my studio, if in another location venue hire and travel costs will be added.

Cost – £150


To find out more and to discuss your first steps to the new confident you, please book a discovery call.

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